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Waiting for the Sun, by Josef & Jakob Hoflehner


Hardcover, 29x37cm / 11.5x14.5 inches

72 pages, 32 color plates

Introduction by Jakob Hoflehner

ISBN 978-3902600127

Most Press, March 2015

Limited Edition of 999 copies


The 1960s and 70s arguably saw some of the best-designed cars to ever leave a manufacturing plant. Once seen bumper-to-bumper throughout the country, these automobiles are a rare sight on U.S. roads today.


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Jet Airliner: The Complete Works

by Josef & Jakob Hoflehner


Hardcover, 30x32cm / 12x13 inches

108 pages, 86 duotone plates

ISBN 978-3902600110

Most Press, October 2012


The Jet Airliner series was taken over a period of several months between early 2009 and late 2011 at Maho Beach on the Dutch/French island of St. Maarten / St. Martin in the Caribbean Sea. The beach is directly adjacent to the relatively short runway of the airport, therefore passenger jets roar as low as four meters above the heads of sunbathers. The Jet Airliner series has often been described as one of the most unique photographic series ever produced.


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Retrospective 1975-2015


Hardcover, 30x32cm / 12x13 inches

224 pages, 217 duotone plates

ISBN 978-3832732967

Introduction by W.M. Hunt

teNeues, 2015


Selection of more than 200 black-and-white photographs collected over  the past 40 years, including some of the artist's best known works.


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Hardcover, 30x30cm / 12x12 inches

72 pages, numerous duotone plates

ISBN 978-39026000-9-7

Most Press, May 2011


"... the contrast of dark and light is made visible in Josef Hoflehner's ZNZ: Zanzibar. In one image after another, the Austrian photographer heightens  contrast as far as his camera would let him. Making his way along the Zanzibar coast, through marshy inlets and rocky bays, he captures scenes so full of light, that sand, sea and sky blent into one another. Often only the  prowns of bobbing dhows serve to mark the horizon, the features of their sailors lost in shadow..." - The Editors, Wall Street Journal, Aug. 20th, 2011


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Unleashed 3


Hardcover, 30x32cm / 12x13 inches

96 pages, 76 duotone plates

ISBN 978-39026000-8-0

Most Press, May 2010


For his newest book, Josef Hoflehner turned moments into magic. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Pyramids of Giza, and from the Grand Canal to the Strait of Malacca. Hoflehner continues to raise known views to new visions. Unleashed 3 has his recent landscape work from four continents. More than 75 stunning photographs have been selected, including from Malaysia, Borneo, Taiwan, France, Italy, California, New York, Florida and Egypt. Published as a companion to the popular Unleashed and Unleashed Two books, this new release is superbly printed in duotone on finest matt art paper.


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Hardcover, 30x32cm / 12x13 inches

132 pages, 100 duotone plates

ISBN 978-39026000-5-9

Most Press, September 2009


"Josef Hoflehner's China monograph spans four years of extensive travel to the Middle Kingdom and is an amazing testament to the unique confluence of geography, history and commerce that has shaped this vast nation. Through an original and often startling juxtaposition of images, classical sites from antiquity mix with new urban skylines to form a collection that underscores the contrasts of modern Chinese life and the sweeping changes taking place" - from the introduction by Scott Minick.


Signed copy, EUR 59.00 (FREE worldwide shipping), BUY NOW

Only a few copies remain!